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The Ghosts of Kabul

1 July 2008 | Duke Magazine

The Ghosts of Kabul

Afghans have strange ways of memorializing their wars. They weave rugs with crudely rendered illustrations of tanks and the twin towers and other hieroglyphs depicting invasions and withdrawals; they put Soviet fighter jets high up on stilts like big tin gargoyles to ornament their airports.

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For God and Country

1 September 2007 | Duke Magazine

Caught in a moral crisis, a Marine Corps prosecutor drops a high-profile terrorism case-and finds himself a symbol of the ambiguities of the war on terror.

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The gospel of ‘White Mike’

2 May 2007 | Independent Weekly

A year ago, Mike Kelly was homeless, camping out along Durham’s railroad tracks. Recently, he sat down with Stern to talk about his stay at Phoenix House transitional housing, beating addictions, his new life and his old friends, Mark and Concrete.

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Concrete’s back

28 March 2007 | Independent Weekly

Concrete is back. Just as unexpected and unannounced as his disappearance, he has returned to what all seem to agree is his rightful place on Ninth Street in Durham.

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