Jeffrey Stern


Concrete’s back

28 March 2007 | Independent Weekly

Concrete is back. Just as unexpected and unannounced as his disappearance, he has returned to what all seem to agree is his rightful place on Ninth Street in Durham.

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The disappearance of a homeless man

7 March 2007 | Independent Weekly

Concrete was ageless and he was an institution; if you were paying attention he was always around, the one thing you could count on. Conceding that his way of living couldn’t be endured for all that much longer, it still didn’t seem feasible for him to not be there anymore.

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The Governor’s Axe

1 September 2006 | Duke Magazine

Donna Arduin ‘85, who “joined government to shrink it,” has shaped state budgets—and political legacies—in Florida and California.

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The Family

29 March 2006 | Indy Week

Every night when the sun goes down in Durham, three men sit in the woods by the train tracks and try to keep warm. That’s Mark, sitting there cross-legged, splitting sticks for kindling between long draws from a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. Just to his right is Mike, the one who looks a little like George Carlin, small and wiry, a casual beard, and thin white hair pulled straight back across his scalp.

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