Jeffrey Stern

The stargazer

2 August 2013 | The South Asia Channel/Foreign Policy Magazine

The stargazer

Yunus Bakshi, the founder of Afghanistan’s first astronomy association, is a small, soft-spoken but energetic man, who moves between a conservative family and liberal-minded friends.  Having studied in Russia, he has friends who sided with the Russians, friends who spied for them, and also, friends who fought against them.  We meet in a small office he keeps ostensibly for his astronomy club, but which at any given time also serves as a base camp for one or two drifters, friends of his in some state of transit.  Recently returned emigres, or those about to depart; people generally inclined towards the life of the mind but without work; writers, filmmakers, and poets.  Here, in a dark office with a few bare fluorescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling, over small sour cherries and cigarettes, he begins…

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