Jeffrey Stern


Jeffrey Stern

At the age of twenty-three, Jeffrey Stern went to Afghanistan as a freelance writer. While reporting on the conflict in the region for several national publications, he worked with the American University of Afghanistan as it launched its Professional Development Institute. He also co-authored a proposal for a women’s business program that became the first Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative. The Afghanistan program has provided training to 300 women, more than 60% of whom either start a new business, or increase their business’s revenue, within a year of graduating.

After overseeing the launch of the 10,000 Women program in Afghanistan, he was hired in 2008 to build a new international program at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where he designed and managed projects that provided civic education to, and exchange with, emerging democracies. The program culminated in a US State Department Funded partnership between a religious minority community in Afghanistan and an inner city school in Philadelphia, in which Afghan and American students worked together to produce an interactive museum exhibition, opening simultaneously in Kabul and Philadelphia.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he received his Bachelor’s in Public Policy Studies and a certificate in media and democracy from Duke University, and a Masters in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, where he was named a Graduate Fellow at the Stanford Center for International Conflict and Negotiation.


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